A Glass Pipe is a range of materials, including glass, metal, maize cob and certain types of wood, are used to produce pipes used for smoking. Glass pipes come in various kinds and sizes. For use of specific forms and amounts of items, each type is ideally suited. Glass is known far and away as the favoured choice for cannabis consumption. It is durable, without degrading, can withstand high temperatures, and is easy to clean.

What are different types of glass pipes?

  • Water Pipes- Water pipes are useful when they funnel the smoke into the base water. Not only does the water help eliminate harmful impurities and contaminants, but it also cools down the smoke so you get an extra smooth hit each time. As such, for a great smoking experience, many users finish upgrading from joints or pipes to Bongs.
  • Bongs- The presence of a water chamber determines bongs. When smoke bursts into the chamber, the water cools the smoke simultaneously and philtres heavier particles out, creating cleaner, hotter, and better-tasting smoke all over.
  • Bubblers- Bubblers are literally a spoon pipe mash-up and a petite-sized bong. They are much like a spoon pipe, in form and purpose. They also have a small chamber of water that cools the smoke and cleans it. Bubblers create more fun smoke for certain clients the way a bong does, but for the smaller, more compact scale a spoon provides.
  • Spoon- Spoons are widely used and are recognisable for their simple design. One end is a spoon-shaped bowl into which you pack your cannabis. On the bottom of the bowl, there is a small hole that allows smoke to pass down through the body of the pipe from the spoon end. Another small hole is somewhere adjacent to the bowl, called a “carb.” By covering or uncovering the carb with your finger, you control airflow inside the pipe. Finally, the body of the pipe extends out away from the bowl and carb, ending in a third opening, which is the mouthpiece.
  • Sherlocks- The arched shape of sherlock pipes allows the smoke to slow for a little longer before inhalation instead of being a straight-shot to the mouthpiece, like spoons, chillums, and steamrollers. This helps to lessen the harsh hits often produced by dry hand pipes.
  • Steam Roller- Steamrollers are simply extra-large chillums and also have a slight depression for cannabis packaging, a carb for airflow control, and a glass cylinder of much greater diameter. The idea is to let you fill the pipe with lots of smoke before clearing it all at one time for a strong punch of weed smoke.
  • Dab Rigs- Typically, Dab rigs use the same water filtration system as a bong, but they include a number of extra features and components specifically designed to vaporise super-potent concentrated cannabis at higher temperatures than those for flower smoking. A dab rig typically utilises a nail or banger made of glass, quartz, or titanium instead of a bowl, for example. The concentrate is dabbed and filtered through water once the heated chamber reaches the desired temperature before being consumed.

Choosing the Right Glass:

Consumers can choose from endless varieties in these basic forms in the modern cannabis market, it is best to choose one that fits your smoking needs. A one-hitter may not be satisfying to an experienced user of cannabis, or a busy user may not care about a bubbler ‘s complicated cleaning needed. You might smoke more at home, and the way to go is to have a bong.

In the end, the perfect glass piece is one you enjoy using. Many cannabis consumers have different pieces for different occasions, and that’s just fine too.

What to Look for in Good Glass Pipes?

  • Glass type- Again, it will help to search all the products out there using an online head store like Seedsfinder to stop getting frustrated. Without breaking the bank, you can also buy a few options to see what you want, or find a decent price on a larger investment.
  • Pipe style- Different types of glass smoking pipes are more suitable for certain product types and certain personal preferences, as we have already noted (i.e. hot smoke VS cool smoke). Bowl form is also a big deal with a lot of smokers, so get to know the different types of bowls. Based on the product(s) that you like best and other personal interests, always choose your look.
  • Brand- All brands are not created equal. In some cases, brand matters, even more than cost (just because a device has a high price tag does not necessarily mean that it is better in quality).

Again, it will help to search all the products out there using an online head store like Seedsfinder to stop getting frustrated. Without breaking the bank, you can also buy a few options to see what you want, or find a decent price on a larger investment.

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