Clear Vapor Straw & Dish

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There are now hundreds of feature-packed dab tools available, but sometimes we just want to keep it simple. And there are not many tools that make dabbing as easy as the Grav Vapor Straw & Dish.

This kit comes with a sturdy glass dish where you can load your concentrates and a 7-inch dabbing straw. When you’re ready to take a hit, heat the pointed end of the straw with your lighter, put it in the concentrate and inhale. The tip is tapered and has pinch restriction, so all that will reach the mouthpiece is a pure and tasty vapor.

Avoid using the straw with a powerful torch, as it could seal the end if it gets too hot. Efficient, portable and easy to use, this straw has no match when it comes to quick on the go sessions. Completed with a Grav decal in the color of your choice.


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