Glycerin Chiller Multi Kit

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What’s not to love about one cool device that gives you the ability to get ice cold hits three different ways? The GRAV Glycerin Chiller Multi Kit is a travel-friendly smoker’s toolkit. It lets you decide what you’re going to smoke and how you’re going to smoke it. Pretty cool, right?

The star of this kit is the glycerin-filled mouthpiece that can reach subzero temperatures without freezing. This means you can stick it in the freezer you begin smoking to really cool things down and chill out, and we mean literally.

The Chiller Multi Kit has all you need to take your smoking seshes over the top. You can smoke a small amount of dry herb using the taster attachment when you want to keep things simple. Later you can switch gears and use the bubbler attachment with a little water. This will add a nice layer of smooth and cool filtration to your seshes.

For those times you want to smoke concentrates, hook up the vapor nozzle and vape away! Included in this kit is a 14mm plastic joint clamp to keep everything secured in place. The mouthpiece and three attachments are made of thick. clear, durable glass.

The kit comes in three different glycerin colors: blue, red, and green. Choose your favorite so you can chill out and enjoy the awesome versatility of the Chiller Multi Kit by GRAV.


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