Grav Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler

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Your pocket can hold a lot of things. Keys, phones, wallets, switchblades, Nature Valley bars, your hands, old receipts, etc. Unless they are women’s pants, in which case they can probably hold nothing.

But even the tiniest of pockets can still hold GRAV Labs’ Conical Pocket Bubbler.

At only 2.5” x 4” inches, it’s portable, versatile, and fun. You can put it literally in your pocket, or have in it in your pocket in a figurative sense and put it somewhere else.

Did we mention it’s versatile? It can fit a 10mm flower bowl, a 10mm quartz banger, or even a blunt/joint. Simply fill with a splash of water and draw the same smooth hits you could get out of a regular bubbler using the ergonomic straw.

We do not recommend putting it in your pocket when it has water in it, unless you want to have a very interesting afternoon.

Regardless, this piece is a great addition to any arsenal and will be sure to catch the eye as well as provide a convenient sesh at a moment’s notice.


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