Grav Labs Triple Pinch 14.5mm Bowl Piece


Grav Labs Triple Pinch 14.5mm Bowl Piece

This 14mm Triple Pinch Bowl by GRAV is a good replacement for a broken or misplaced bowl with a 14mm female joint.  This glass bowl has a built-in screen that’s formed by a triple pinch.  This pinch prevents clogging, keeps plant matter out of your mouth, and improves airflow.

If you need a replacement bowl for a smaller water pipe or a Helix pipe with a 14mm female joint, this GRAV pipe would be a top choice to make.  Measuring just 2.25 inches long, it’s a very compact piece.  It’s also convenient to use thanks to the built-in pull handle that helps you avoid burning your fingers. .

This is a beautiful bowl piece with a 14mm male joint that’s made of durable boro glass bearing the iconic GRAV logo.


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