Honey Dabber II Vapor Straw Collector

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The 5-inch long Honey Dabber II is a titanium-tipped vapor straw housed in a wooden sleeve.  If you’re into enjoying waxy concentrates, the Honey Dabber II Cherry Wood & Ti vapor straw is just what you need. Just heat the titanium tip with a torch or flame then dip into your favorite waxy oil concentrates.

The Honey Dabber II is assembled by hand in the USA, using quality materials including CP2 titanium, cherry hardwood, and neodymium magnets.

Unlike other vapor/dab straws, you can pocket the Honey Dabber II right after use because the wooden sleeve safely covers the hot tip when you’re done. This means you can dab on the go, all you want. This is a lightweight, compact, and solidly built dab straw that gives you robust & flavorful dabs.


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